Types of Periodontal Disease Treatments

Types of Periodontal Disease TreatmentsNowadays, there are different types of periodontal disease treatments available for someone afflicted with the disease. The treatment also depends on the severity of the problem, how someone responded to take care of the problem early on and the overall health condition of your body.

The periodontal disease treatments available for people with periodontal disease range from surgery to bring back the healthiness of the supportive tissues to nonsurgical therapies. There is also the natural or conservative therapy wherein the method of treatment prohibits the use of any antibacterial drugs.

Periodontal Disease Treatments By Surgical Means

The examples of surgical treatments for periodontal disease are:

• Pocket Reduction/Flap Surgery – The procedure for this type of treatment require the gums to be lifted back to removed the tarter. If there is, an irregular surface damaged to the bone that part is smoothed to prevent the bacteria from hiding in these area and further affect the good bones. The gums are placed in a position wherein the tissue will snug tightly to the tooth and the process can significantly reduce size of space between the tooth and gum, in doing so the areas where bacteria can develop are limited to decrease the risk of further health problems arising from periodontal disease.
• Bone grafts – This treatment involve the use of a fragment of one’s own bone, donated or synthetic bone to replace the bones already destroyed by the disease. The bone graft will act as a platform so the bone could re-grow to bring back the stability of the teeth.
• Soft Tissue Graft – The process for this periodontal disease treatment reinforces the thin fills or gums that have receded. The grafted tissue taken from one’s own roof mouth is stitch into place where the tissue has been plague by the disease.
• Bone surgery – If there is an advanced loss of bone after flap surgery, another periodontal disease treatments then bone surgery now recommended. The bone will need reshaping to decrease the craters and make it harder for the bacteria to grow and accumulate.
• Guided Tissue Regeneration – This treatment is performed when the supporting bone has been destroyed already.

Take note, surgical treatments are suggested only when the tissue around the teeth cannot be treated by nonsurgical means.

Periodontal Disease Treatments By Non surgical Means

• Dental Cleaning – This treatment is possible to undertake anytime, usually during regular check up or twice a year. The dentist will remove the tartar and plaque that builds up around the tooth surface and below the gum line.
• Root Planing and Scaling – The treatment require anesthesia as the procedure entail scraping away the tartar and plaque below and above the gums. The rough spots are also smooth to remove bacteria and ensure the cleanliness of the teeth and gums.

Conservative Therapy or Natural Periodontal Disease Treatments

Periodontal disease is reversible and so there is no reason not to try periodontal disease treatments that does not require surgery and costly procedure. These days, you can also treat periodontal disease by using special toothpaste like Nature’s Smile gum balm.

The gum balm from It can also quickly stop bleeding gums and other symptoms of Nature’s Smile can destroy the bacteria that primarily cause the disease. gum disease. Reversing the gums that have receded already is also possible as well as reducing the size of the pockets cause by the Gum disease.

The gum balm can be use with other toothpaste and safe to use because it contains no harsh chemical. It is ideal not just for treating the problem but also for preventing, the disease so there is no reason to undertake costly periodontal disease treatments.