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How to Treat Periodontal Disease Naturally with Nature’s Smile?

If your dentist has just told you that you have a periodontal disease, you are not alone. Currently, many adults in the U.S. suffer from one form or the other of the disease. Periodontal diseases range from straightforward gum inflammation to serious forms that can result to extensive damage to soft tissue and bone that supports your teeth. In worst-case scenarios, you all together lose your teeth. Whether a gum disease can be stopped, slowed down or will even get worse, solely depends on the care you provide your teeth and gums daily from this point henceforth.

How Does Periodontal Disease Occur?

The mouth contains bacteria, mucus and many other particles. Together, they form a colorless, sticky plaque on teeth, which can be significantly reduced through regular flossing and brushing. However, due to buildup, plaque can then harden and form tartar that brushing cannot remove. The longer tartar remains on teeth the more harmful it becomes. Eventually this leads to bacteria that causes inflammation of gums, a condition called “gingivitis”. The gums become swollen, red and bleed easily. This form of mild gum disease can be easily reversed through regular flossing and brushing using the all-natural toothpaste, Nature’s Smile before it escalates into a full-blown periodontal disease.

What is Periodontitis?

If untreated, gingivitis escalates to periodontitis (inflammation that occurs around the tooth), where gums pull away from teeth creating pockets that are easily infected. The body’s immune system then goes full throttle to fight the bacteria as plaque grows underneath the gum line. The body’s natural response and bacterial toxins then start to break down bone and connective tissue holding teeth in place. If untreated, tissue, gums and the bone supporting teeth are slowly destroyed leading to loose teeth that have to be removed. Signs of a serious periodontal disease include bad breath that will not go away, swollen or red gums and tender gums that bleed easily. Other symptoms to lookout for are pain when chewing, loose, sensitive teeth and receding gums or hidden teeth. However, using Nature’s Smile, one can mitigate, stop and reverse damage done or even prevent it.

The cure?

Brushing the teeth with Nature’s Smile toothpaste every day introduces a unique blend of natural active ingredients that help your body fight off infection caused by the periodontal disease. Nature’s Smile contains active ingredients collected from eight natural sources.

Oak tree bark contains tannins that help make tissues impermeable to bacterial infection and invasion, the silver fir helps in the reduction of inflammation in gums while at the same time deodorizing the breath.

Carotene extract from pine trees offers anti oxidants for protection against disease, while chamomile is best known for boosting the body’s immune system. Achilletin, from the yarrow plant, helps halt bleeding and St John’s Wort is vital in providing assistance in healing of wounds.

Extracts from Celandine have antimicrobial properties and finally the humble nettle is excellent for provision of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-spastic characteristics that are required by the body. Nature’s Smile provides you all-round protection against hundreds of thousands, even millions, of microorganisms that are likely to attack your mouth and cause a dilapidating periodontal disease.

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